Custom jigsaw puzzles from photos

Personalized puzzle 500 -  500-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 500

Looking for a larger puzzle? Look for Puzzle 500. Each piece is extremely well cut and delivers a high quality product at a very competitive price. This puzzle is perfect for puzzle fans who like to...

Pieces count: 500 pieces
Size: 32 x 48 cm

Personalized puzzle 1000  -  1000-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 1000

One of our most popular puzzles is our 1,000 piece custom photo jigsaw puzzle. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not give that picture 1,000 puzzle pieces instead? You'll enjoy the memories...

Pieces count: 1000 pieces
Size: 48 x 68 cm

Personalized puzzle 2000 -  2000-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 2000

Are you a person who really enjoys a challenge? Why not try our 2000-piece custom, jigsaw puzzle? This is a challenging puzzle and can take several to many hours to complete depending on the complexity...

Pieces count: 2000 pieces
Size: 68 x 93 cm

Personalized puzzle 1500 -  1500-piece, square, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 1500

Our 1500 piece square jigsaw puzzle is a perfect family night project for all to enjoy. This puzzle format offers the opportunity to put several of your photos into a puzzle format, forming a collage,...

Pieces count: 1500 pieces
Size: 67 x 68 cm

Panoramic puzzle 2000 -  1300-piece, panoramic, jigsaw, photo puzzle, panorama

Panoramic puzzle 2000

Yes, we do offer puzzles with a panoramic perspective! You made the effort to photograph that wonderful view so you could fully enjoy its impact and beauty. Now go one step further, and relive that special...

Pieces count: 2000 pieces
Size: 48 x 134 cm

Personalized puzzle 12 XXL -  Large pieces, children, custom-made, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 12 XXL

Do you know or have children less than three years of age for whom you'd like to find the right gift? Pick our Puzzle 12 XXL! This puzzle has extra-large pieces that are ideal for little fingers. Easy...

Pieces count: 12 pieces
Size: 26 x 38 cm

Personalized puzzle 100 -  100-piece, custom, promotional item, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 100

Do you have a half hour to spare? The Puzzle 100 is the perfect solution… as a gift or as a promotional item to advertise a business. The puzzle takes 25 to 40 minutes to assemble and is printed on...

Pieces count: 100 pieces
Size: 20 x 28 cm

Personalized puzzle 300  -  300-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 300

Puzzle 300 is not only budget-friendly, it also offers just the right level of challenge for an especially satisfying puzzle victory. Puzzle 300 is ideal for your custom-made photo and can be completed...

Pieces count: 300 pieces
Size: 31 x 42 cm

Personalized puzzle 24 -  24-piece, custom, gift, photo puzzle

Personalized puzzle 24

Growing children need fresh challenges that correspond to their current level of development. If you'd like to share a few minutes of fun with a curious child, turn to Puzzle 24. With 24 large pieces...

Pieces count: 24 pieces
Size: 15 x 21 cm



Puzzling Over Photos?

The hardest puzzle I’ve ever attempted to assemble featured a field of cows; it was a beautiful photograph: the black and white cows scattered across a rolling green hill that crested to meet a cloudless blue sky.

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