Return Policy - Venus Puzzle

WHAT can be returned? sells one of a kind personalized products. Therefore, only following products can be returned:

- Damaged products (if the puzzle or the puzzle box was damaged during production or shipping
- Not as described products (if the puzzle doesn't meet the order specification details)
- Incorrectly printed products (if the printed colors are significantly different then the source image colors)

WHEN do items need to be returned by?

No later than 15 days after purchase.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?

After obtaining a RETURN AUTHORIZATION, product can be returned to:

Nad tehelnou 16
911 01 Trencin

HOW do customers return items?

Contact us via email or by phone to obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION. You may be asked to provide some evidence, like photographs of received product.

SHIPPING for returns?

Customer is responsible for shipping charges for returns.

Refunds for returns?

Customer will be fully refunded if the return was authorized and product was returned.

Product Packing Materials?

The product’s packing material must be in same condition as when received.

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Puzzling Over Photos?

The hardest puzzle I’ve ever attempted to assemble featured a field of cows; it was a beautiful photograph: the black and white cows scattered across a rolling green hill that crested to meet a cloudless blue sky.

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