Photo related questions

What are the requirements for a suitable photo?

Your photo must be a digital photograph. This photo that was taken with a digital camera, scanned slide photograph or your own artwork. The photo must be in JPG file format. The file size of your photo should not be less than 500 Kb and not greater than 20 Mb. Use only high quality photos with bright colors and high resolution.

Can you check my photo?

Yes, we can. E-mail your photo to "". You will receive a prompt response.

Can I send you a slide photo and you scan it?

No, unfortunately not. We only process digital photos.

Can I use a photo taken with my mobile phone?

Yes and no. As long as the file size of the picture is not less than 500 Kb, it is no problem. However, most cell phones take low quality digital photos. We do not suggest using cell phone photos.

Can I use a photo downloaded from the Internet?

No. At least in 9 out of 10 cases. The files used on websites are of a low quality and you will need to comply with the respective copyrights in order to reproduce such pictures.


Puzzling Over Photos?

The hardest puzzle I’ve ever attempted to assemble featured a field of cows; it was a beautiful photograph: the black and white cows scattered across a rolling green hill that crested to meet a cloudless blue sky.

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Shipping and delivery

DHL express£9.90
Estimated delivery date: October 25th - 2017
Royal Mail or Hermes£4.90
Estimated delivery date: October 30th - 2017



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