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Panoramic puzzle 2000

Yes, we do offer puzzles with a panoramic perspective! You made the effort to photograph that wonderful view so you could fully enjoy its impact and beauty. Now go one step further, and relive that special moment by immortalizing the scene in a jigsaw puzzle. Our 2000 piece panoramic puzzle is an impressive size: 19x53 inches. Please note, the digital image you send us should be the same size as this puzzle to ensure photo clarity. As well, the minimum DPI resolution is 150. We also suggest using bright, multi-coloured images rather than dark images if one of the colours covers more than 50% of the printed area.

Pieces count: 2000 Pieces
Size: 48 x 133 cm

Photo Collage Creator

Photo Collage Creator

The hardest puzzle I’ve ever attempted to assemble featured a field of cows; it was a beautiful photograph: the black and white cows scattered across a rolling green hill that crested to meet a cloudless blue sky.

For all of you lovebirds out there who spent your New Year’s resolutions day-dreaming about taking your relationship to the next level… why not add Venus Puzzle to your plans for the Big Question? Imagine this scenario:

Many corporations use team building activities to improve communication and interaction among their employees.

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