How to Slay Valentine's Day with a unique gift in 5 steps by creating a photo puzzle.

Have you ever been thinking of how to make Valentine's day gifts special and really memorable?

What makes you laugh so much that you shed a tear? 

Remember all the silly moments you both had? 

To slay the day try to find photos of these moments and make a creative, heartfelt, and thoughtful gift that will be remembered:

Custom Photo Puzzle

We have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you in creating a truly memorable day.

1. Pick an exceptional occasion or a unique moment that you both remember and had laughed at. Of course, ensure you have this moment in a photo. Instead of using a typical photo of the two of you, look for a photograph that captures this memory, and when you look at it, you can feel the moment again. This can be a photo from your first date, a vacation, a special event, or just a silly selfie with a filter on. These are the best photographs for creating personalized puzzles. 

2. Take a new picture: If you can't find a photo from your past, consider taking a new one specifically for the puzzle. Making a fun costume photo shoot would be a blast and great fun for both of you. 

3. Edit the photo: Add a special touch to it by adding some text, message or text bubbles, or emoticons. It can be easily done even as a photo collage where you can include many more memories from your time together. To make things even easier, you can use our photo collage editor, where you can find many pre-made valentines day templates. 

4 . Personalize the puzzle box: Add the text to the box to emphasize the moment even more. 

5. Present it creatively or send it as a surprise: Instead of simply giving the puzzle as it is, try presenting it in a creative way or have it shipped to the person directly without saying they should expect a parcel and capture the moment when they get the shipment without expecting any parcel. 

Hope we helped. 

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day full of laughter and happy tears!