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Make Time for Puzzle Time!


Do you worry that you let your work get in the way of your social or family life? Why not schedule some puzzle time?


Puzzles and Teambuilding Activities


Many corporations use team building activities to improve communication and interaction among their employees.




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Personalized puzzle 1000 pieces

One of our most popular puzzles is our 1,000 piece custom photo jigsaw puzzle. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not give that picture 1,000 puzzle pieces instead? You'll enjoy the memories captured in your custom photo puzzle as it comes...

Pieces count: 1000 pieces
Size: 47 x 67 cm
£29.90 £19.90 33%

Personalized puzzle 500 pieces

Looking for a larger puzzle? Look for Puzzle 500. Each piece is extremely well cut and delivers a high quality product at a very competitive price. This puzzle is perfect for puzzle fans who like to spend at least a couple of hours on their puzzles....

Pieces count: 500 pieces
Size: 32 x 48 cm
£24.90 £17.90 28%

Personalized puzzle 2000 piece

Are you a person who really enjoys a challenge? Why not try our 2000-piece custom, jigsaw puzzle? This is a challenging puzzle and can take several to many hours to complete depending on the complexity of your photo. This competitively priced custom-made...

Pieces count: 2000 pieces
Size: 67 x 90 cm
£39.90 £29.90 25%

Personalized puzzle 1500 pieces

Our 1500 piece square jigsaw puzzle is a perfect family night project for all to enjoy. This puzzle format offers the opportunity to put several of your photos into a puzzle format, forming a collage, bringing about fun memories for the family to share...

Pieces count: 1500 pieces
Size: 67 x 68 cm
£38.90 £27.90 28%

Puzzles from photos

Our popular, custom-fashioned jigsaw puzzles make very thoughtful personalized gifts. Unique and memory-stirring, a jigsaw puzzle created from a meaningful picture would be welcome at just about any special occasion—like an anniversary, a birthday, or during the holiday season—or to simply brighten the mood of a friend feeling down. Or for the romantics among you, a jigsaw puzzle made by VenusPuzzle would be a clever and unconventional way to send a message to that certain someone.  

Promotional Puzzles

Want to make a positive marketing impact and show off your brand? An original jigsaw by VenusPuzzle sensationally introduces your company to prospective clients or promotes new products and services. The moment it arrives—packed in heavy-duty cardboard, shrink-wrapped and showing off the design you choose—your jigsaw VenusPuzzle will capture your customers’ full attention! Fun to assemble, there may not be a more enjoyable way for customers to spend time getting to know your brand.  

Location Puzzles - Souvenirs

If you operate a retail business in a tourist destination, let us supply you with products based on photographs or artwork that truly reflect the beauty, spirit or excitement for which your area is known. Whether they commemorate historical landmarks, natural attractions, local culture or major events, our custom souvenir jigsaw puzzles—based on digital imagery you provide—are products that visitors can get nowhere else … and can buy from no one else but you!

Engraved photo on dark glass - Photo engraving, glass, laser

Engraved photo on dark glass

As you look through your photos, do you ever stop to study a special photo that triggers fond memories? Turn that photo into a piece of art by preserving your image in glass. We use laser engraving to produce a high resolution etching on a 2mm-thick glass medium (black, blue or dark red). The size is 6x8.5 inches.

Engraved photo on light wood - Photo engraving, wood, laser

Engraved photo on light wood

Are you looking for a unique way to display a favourite photograph? Why not take a creative step forward and engrave the image itself in wood? This is a popular way to present a picture, whether it be for yourself to display or give as a special gift with a unique, yet classic look. Put the focus on the face of someone special by displaying your image in 4mm thick wood with a sleek wooden frame.



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