Custom photo puzzle - a corporate gift that does not end up in the trash

If you are looking for a luxurious, unique, and at the same time useful corporate gift that is guaranteed to draw attention or to become the best gift ever, the solution is more than simpler - A custom photo puzzle.

To bet my boots, there is always the one person in every company who is behind the end-year corporate gifts and who can find this activity a bit tedious and want to be avoided. So what about making it fun for a change for the maker and the taker as well?

Now you can create the best year-end present in just a few simple steps. A personalised jigsaw puzzle can be a great representation of your relationship with your employees or clients. Everyone will be thrilled with your gift idea. 

So, go the extra mile from the usual and follow the advice to become the most popular gift guru at your company. Photo jigsaws can solve your gift dilemma for years. An old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words so the right photo selection can commemorate a special experience or milestone in the company's history, and also can serve as a fun visual reminder. Furthermore, it can become a tradition or an amusing competition to find the best or funniest image for annual gift-giving.Assembling own puzzle is fun

The essence of creating an exclusive personalised jigsaw puzzle is to select a picture that makes it memorable, and most importantly, the gift must become the giveaway that is being talked about. Selecting the right photo is the key and you can make your receiver happy by filling their downtime too, with a custom puzzle designed with a single photo or as a photo collage.

You are just a few steps away from the one and only personalised gift:

1. Find a photo of the appropriate resolution. We will be more than happy to help you with the photo selection and advise the suitability. Whether it's a fun photo from team-building or a picture of your workspace, it's utterly up to you.

2. Upload the photo that you are certain will create a gift both stylish and sentimental and choose from different sizes, from 24 pieces to just over 1,000, so even the most amateur or professional puzzle hobbyist will be satisfied.

Last say, puzzle pieces are symbols of unity. Keeping this in mind, isn't this the ideal solution?

Creating a custom photo gift will also build a lasting memory for your business partners, employees, or clients, and on top of that Venus Puzzle quality is top-notch.

Click here to create your unique corporate personalised jigsaw puzzle.