Puzzles and Teambuilding Activities

If you’re planning a corporate team building event, why not plan for a specially-themed puzzle that your colleagues can assemble? Your marketing department can work with you to develop the artwork you’ll need—featuring your logo and message. If you need help, we’re ready!

Team building events need to be fun and memorable, with a healthy dose of competition thrown in, and since you get every fourth puzzle free when you buy multiple copies of your puzzles, you can produce giveaways for everyone as a keepsake of the event! We hear from our corporate customers often—they mention the laughter, discussion and friendly rivalries that are sparked as people rush to complete their puzzles first!

Here are the benefits of using a custom-printed jigsaw puzzle for your next team building event:

  1. Branding. By creating a custom puzzle, you have total control about the message you deliver. Share your organization’s values!

  2. Communication. Effective interpersonal communication is a critical component of a group’s effectiveness. Teams will discuss the pieces they need and work together to find the right piece

  3. Competition. Friendly competition allows you to see how your employees interact with each other and handle winning and losing—which can be a powerful tool in assessing your personnel development strategies.

  4. Distribution of assignments. If you have several teams competing to solve the same puzzle first, you can observe how they strategize their goals as a team. They might make assignments where one person sorts all the pieces while the other team members start working to piece their sections together.

  5. Teamwork. Cooperation is essential in any organization. As you observe your employees during this activity, you may observe skills and traits within your team members that you didn’t know they had!
    Venus Puzzles would love to chat with you to come up with the perfect idea for your event. Just let us know the message you would like to convey to your employees. Maybe you would like to have a fun, yet challenging puzzle. You might want to send us a photo of your employees and have a puzzle made for them. Whatever the case, we can print and cut a high-quality puzzle that will stand up to the challenge … and snap perfectly into place for the winning team!