Puzzle Promotions!

—and an unfinished puzzle is a perfect problem! The nice part about a custom-printed jigsaw is that while your prospects or customers are piecing the puzzle together, they’re reflecting on your business—why they enjoy working with you, the value you bring to them, and the relationship you’re building. Some of our customers even print their business cards into the artwork! We think that’s a really cool idea!

Just remember to choose artwork that’s appropriate for a puzzle with lots of contrasts and pattern depth. You don’t want an infuriatingly tough puzzle to represent how yoy work with your customers!

Create a Personal Tribute to Someone You’ve Lot

Venus Puzzles not only produces custom puzzles, but we also promote creative ideas that you can share within this format. Everyone knows the phrase, “A picture says a thousand words”. Pictures can capture endearing memories of loved ones, friends, places, and so on. It is quite simple to frame a photograph or make a photo album, and a lot of thought goes into this process. But why not go one step further? Use Venus Puzzles to create an interactive memorial for a loved one or dear friend that you’ve lost in death.

First, pick just the right picture for your tribute. Once you’ve ordered your customized puzzle, you’ll have something to look forward to receiving in the mail. We know that once you receive the puzzle, you’ll be excited to start working on it! Then, as you are piecing the jigsaw puzzle together, you’ll relive a myriad of memories and scenes flash through your mind of favorite times you spent together with your loved one. You’ll reflect on how they made an impact on your life and consider how much you miss them. During this special time, your focus is on that person and how much they meant to you. You might shed some tears, smile at the good times, or even burst out laughing as your many happy memories flood your mind!

After you have completed your puzzle, make sure you frame it and put it in a special place. That way, you’ll be able to be with your loved one each time you see your completed puzzle, a special memorial you put together yourself!