Make Time for Puzzle Time!

For Children If you’re looking for ways to connect with your child, puzzle time has a lot of benefits: he or she (or they!) will love the attention, and working together as a team will mean even more to them as you collaborate to solve the puzzle. And don’t forget how meaningful your conversations can be. As you focus on the puzzle, you can guide the conversation to important topics, like your child’s goals, hopes and dreams, problems at school, etc. This is also the perfect time for “learning and development” … and your child will soak it all in. And, once the puzzle is completed, you and your child can share a “high five” or a warm embrace. You will savor your child’s happiness and feeling of accomplishment! And you can make a plan for your next challenge on the road to “Jigsaw Victory”!

For Spouses Finding time for a project that isn’t all about cleaning the garage or reviewing the family budget is important, too. So why not connect with Venus Puzzles to print a puzzle from a special memory? As you and your loved one work together to complete the puzzle, you’ll have time to reconnect, laugh over your memories of the moment captured in the puzzle, and even share kisses over the puzzle as you reach for just the right piece! Complex puzzles mean a few nights of shared bliss working together… and if you get stuck, take a break, open a bottle of wine and relax over old stories. Moments like these keep your relationship strong, keep you connected, and ensure that the partnership you’ve worked so hard to build will last. Did you know a custom printed jigsaw could be so good for your marriage? Well it is! We swear by it … and you know how much we love a good puzzle!